I’m looking forward to someday getting the plugins to use with ChatGPT4. This LLM is far better at solving diagnostic problems than previously proposed 3 year old NLP models which were miserable even when spoon fed. It will certainly be good to have the hallucinated citations eliminated.

Since the references should already be tokenized as vectors I’m not sure why we can’t obtain the references now. But if you have an API code - you are able to use Pinecone and train on your own material. (But not an entirely practical solution).

Nuance has now been available for EHR for a few years but it doesn’t seem to be in wide use. ChatGPT4 will likely answer many people’s dreams of being a helpful assistant. As far as Epic goes, their programmers should see what ChatGPT4 would suggest to clean up their inconsistent and not particularly friendly interface. Although I don’t think it is ready for that task. But at least put a seriously good human team on it and listen.

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Excellent summary! I completely agree that exploratory analysis and our ability to communicate will become more critical as execution gets easier and easier with AI tools.

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